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Protara is an easy alternative for writing Windows applications for desktop as well as mobile platforms, which provides a robust Integrated Development Environment comprising all the essential tools for creation of user interfaces, etc. The software comes with impressive features like JavaScript editing featuring color coding, code folding call tips, auto-complete, function lookups, and a lot more. Its script API and user interface elements are accessible on mobile devices with cent percent functionality, and offers compatibility with all devices having Windows CE 2.12 and higher versions. It comes with an integrated Debugger and the user can easily switch from editing to debugging the applications with a mere click of a button. What’s more, it can also debug mobile applications using the built-in device simulator, and its Web Services Wizard helps the user to easily connect the Protara application to any SOAP standard Web Service too. Whether the user uses the built-in SQL database based on SQLite or connects to SQL Server, MySQL, the application facilitates the user to design, edit, and group all the data very quickly and with great ease. It also offers support for creating standard console and Windows services applications, and comes with a Library Panel, which can be used to get context sensitive help for hundreds of available API functions and objects.

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