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COMMENT: Shadow Feet 17.02.2014 10:23 OK people, put on your thinking caps. The level of sheer immense stupidity of this mans action must mean there is a story we are not hearing. Consider the facts. 1. Man in his thirties has one of Ethiopia's most respectable and well paying jobs. 2. Is not doing domestic but international flights (this is another class of well paid pilots). 3. Can acquire a visa for Europe way more easily because of his profession. 4. Has the mental capacity and aptitude of piloting a Boeing 767, and concludes the best way to get to Switzerland is to hijack a plane? Com'on! The re is a story that they're not telling.

COMMENT: Emeye Next Ethiopia 17.02.2014 10:16 Please, don't judge him with out knowing the situation in the country ...Ethiopia at this time the worst place to live because of dictatorial ethnic regime TPLF ...it's his choice to flee from his lovely country like others. Ethiopians at this time left their country and seeking asylum ....... Ethiopia at this time only for few people who are corrupted/ killing innocent people arresting reporters opposition party members, high rocket living price. unemployment, water and electric shortage, transportation .....in any way the worst place in the world .......Freedom Freedom Freedom

Ethiopia is a "christian" U.S. hired killer of muslims in Africa - to stir up conflict between muslims and christians in Africa - for the benefit of Israel - in parallell with the african killings of muslims that are controlled by troops from France and a tail of countries following U.N. mandate due to a request from zionist France. - By the way: Muslims are actually a kind of christians!!

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438 dagar av Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=1111&artikel=5755212 438 dagar berättar om det dramatiska tillfångatagande i Ogadenprovinsen i diktaturens Etiopien, vistelsen i det beryktade Kalityfängelset i Addis Abeba, domen på 11 års fängelse och det diplomatiska spelet för ett frisläppande. Trots att vi alla vet hur det slutade, är ”438 dagar” oupphörligt spännande. Det är en text som går oändligt mycket djupare än de löpsedlar vi sett och de presskonferenser vi hört. Martin Schibbye läser sina egna texter och i stället för Johan Perssons röst hör vi skådespelaren Martin Wallströms.

”Rädda er själva undan artilleriattackerna” Etiopien. Regeringsstyrkorna kommer med dramatiska uppmaningar till allmänheten i Tigray. https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/7605496