KINA "" Journalister kan ha kommit överens med regimen – Vissa av de där borta vill splittra vårt land. De är agenter från utlandet och från Taiwan, säger Liu och pekar bort mot pressfrihetsdemonstranterna.

Chinese reporter released early after 8 years in prison Chinese journalist and poet Shi Tao, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2005, was released 15 months early, the writers' organization PEN International said in a statement. It didn’t explain why the term was shortened. Shi was sent to prison for disclosing state secrets after he leaked a secret government memo, detailing restrictions on news coverage during the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. His sentencing was partially based on information provided by online giant Yahoo, which provided Shi’s personal information to the prosecutors. The company, which was rebuked by the US Congress over the incident, apologized and paid compensation to Shi’s wife after the World Organization for Human Rights lodged a lawsuit.

Your 1 trillion at work, China. Feeding the wolf that terrorizes the village, namely the U.S. being the wolf.

Missile defense buster: China tests new hypersonic glide vehicle

The U.S. wants to USE Japan to do with China as with Irak, in order to solve the problem of the big U.S. financial debt to China, and that will be done by putting the blame on China for the coming war on China so China afterwards will have a war debt to the U.S. Once again the U.S. has found two counterparts to be used to destroy eachother. Divide and conquer is a trick often used by colonial powers.

The is trying to trick Japan into being a U.S. tool for the interests of the U.S. and not Japan's interests. The U.S. is trying the same tricks with some european countries regarding Russia.

The U.S. is trying to trick Japan into being a U.S. tool for the interests of the U.S. and not Japan's interests. The U.S. is trying the same tricks with some european countries regarding Russia.

The U.S. wants to use Japan as a tool for U.S. interests only.

Historical shift: Japan & US beef up defense pact to counter ‘China threat’

Once again the U.S. has found two counterparts to be used to weaken each other.

Once again the U.S. has found two counterparts to be used to weaken each other or one of them.

Certain forces destroy a nation, then black mail them into accepting financial as_istance. I use the word black mail because they have to meet a very specific condition, implement my government style which ensures financial slavery from then on wards. After that they are easy to control, they will be forced to do whatever is asked, doesn't matter how crazy, from fighting wars, to implementing sanctions etc. If they don't agree it's easy to threaten with withdrawal of its nuclear umbrella, install public media fear. The bribing of a few is also easy so is extortion. I leave nuclear bombing for last ... but I'm not referring to the ones dropped during WWII, I'm referring to the five eyes. If bribery doesn't work, the personal juicy tapes and videos will. This is the main reason for all the spying.

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Kinas skuldberg växer lavinartat

Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference

Dragon Gate

China might be secretly testing new development of nuclear technology in North Korea, such as it is forbidden to do itself according to agreement, and its critisism against North Korea might be a fake.

N. Korea aims to produce ICBM with nuke warhead by end of 2017, defector claims

En perfekt diktator? om Kinas ledare Xi Jinping. Hör röster och sånger från degknytes-restauranger, internetfester och en cyklande ambassadör om Kinas väg under pappa Xi.

China, not North Korea, seems to be the ultimate target for Trump to get the U.S. into war with - and so get rid of the U.S.'s economic debt to China as well as getting rid of China's enormous consumption of world natural resources that otherwise could be laid hand of by the U.S. ...

US should come clean if it’s looking for pretext to destroy N. Korea – Russian FM Lavrov

Russia warns against severing ties with N. Korea

Den kinesiska drömmen på export


China, not North Korea, is the real military target for the US. Maybe Trump wants to indirectly diminish the amount of natural resources that the population of China consumes.

Is Japan aiming its US-bought missile systems at Russia & China?

"Vi ser inget behov av ny hamn i Lysekil"

Försvarsministern apropå Lysekils hamn: "Staten borde ha mer att säga till om"

Protestlista mot planer på kinesisk hamn i Lysekil

Kina vill bygga jättehamn i Lysekil

Lysekil positiva till kinesisk investering

Hemlig kinesisk miljardinvestering planeras i Lysekil

US propaganda gets problem creating chaos in China.

‘Minority Report’ China: Railway police use facial recognition glasses to fight crime

China can succeed with petro-yuan where Gaddafi failed – killing the US dollar in oil trade

China has shown that nationalistic communist centrally planned economy wins over liberal capitalist economi in the compputer age when almost all needed inventions are already done.

Kina och underkastelsen

... Om det kinesiska kommunistpartiets hårda vilja och världens beredskap att böja sig inför den. Om TV-erkännanden, spioner, kontrakt och ett land som suddas bort.

... KOMMENTAR: Man borde jämföra med den teknologiska utpressning som USA utövar.

wp Taiwan

usa varnar kina

China seems to be a better economic parthner to any country than US would be. China has very low prices on items for consumers in other counties to buy. There has only to be set up a chinese delivery and payment system for consumers. China could have floating harbours here and there in Europe and chinese to-the-door delivery.

US House Intelligence Committee declares China ‘pre-eminent threat to American security & values

Other countries should do like china when it comes to not let companies in the country be allowed to be sold to other countries without approval from the government. Yesterday the swedish payment system iZettle was sold to the US' PayPal for 19000000000 SEK, exactly when Europe is looking for US-independent payment and banking systems. Grrrr!!!

China should be supported by other countries as a counter-weight against US.

Pentagon will ‘compete vigorously’ with Beijing in South China Sea – Mattis

Chinese hackers stole US sea warfare data, including on supersonic missile – report

‘We’re not colonialists & don’t cause chaos’: Xi tells Mattis China won’t concede an inch of land

Pentagon hypes China threat amid renewed strategic competition

No deals ‘at gunpoint’: China mulls dropping trade talks, slapping US firms with sanctions – report

... Beijing reportedly eyes rejecting Washington’s offer of new trade talks amid media buzz on President Donald Trump’s alleged go-ahead for sweeping tariffs. China could instead stop supplying some vital materials to US firms. ...

Klippet som har blivit världskänt: Här forslas de kinesiska turisterna bort

Hanna Sahlberg: 1-0 till den kinesiska nätsatiren

Svenska nyheter - Rasism mot kineser

Kina varnar för brutal svensk polis efter hotellbråk – "En monumental kulturkro - Nyhetsmorgon (TV4)

Chinese ‘aggressive industry’ threatens US military complex, ‘stable budget’ needed – Pentagon

Omskolningsläger blir lagliga i Kina - Nyheter (Ekot)

China’s Xi tells military to prepare for war as US Navy warns of high seas encounters
[2018-10-31 03:35]

US-China war looming? Russia bracing for conflict? Week of warmongering predictions by top officials

Trump hits Chinese chipmaker with export ban, still expects ‘great deal’ with Beijing

US wants China to ‘behave like a normal nation’ & respect international laws – Pompeo

Keen Sword: US and Japan stage largest wargames in Pacific amid tensions with China (VIDEO)

China sticks AK-47s onto drones to challenge US dominance

林憶蓮 Sandy Lam【酒後的心聲 In Wine There Is Truth】Official Live Video

Android Giveaway of the Day - Learn Mandarin - HSK 2 Hero

From China with might: Military expert breaks down technology behind latest Chinese aircraft (VIDEO)

US sanctions on China may escalate to ‘commercial Cold War,’ French minister warns

Jakten på datan – den digitala oljan ... Om vår tids kanske viktigaste råvara – data, den information vi så villigt ger ifrån oss till företag och stater. Hör om Facebook, Estland och om hur Kina slår mynt på övervakningssamhället.

... Tencent 腾讯

... WeChat - Apps on Google Play

... wpe WeChat

... wpe Tencent

How A WWII Agreement Allows Trucks To Travel From China To Europe In Just 13 Days

Huawei 5G ban: US dragging Germany into harmful economic war with China, warns industry union head

US accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets & dodging Iran sanctions

US accuses China of preparing for WWIII: What you’re not being told

5G-kriget och Huawei - spioneri, storpolitik och global kapplöpning 16 februari kl 09.03 - Konflikt


... Svensk-kinesiska föreningen har fått nytt namn – FokusKina. 17 maj, 2017

... föreningens postadress Box 6017, 102 31 Stockholm eller med mail till

... Tidigare Evenemang –

Uppgifter: Kina kompromissar med USA om patent

Belgian cybersecurity center sees no threat from Huawei

‘Pompeo lost his mind’: Chinese diplomat hits back at US attacks on Beijing’s investments in Chile

Jakten på datan - den digitala oljan 27 april 2019 kl 09.03 - Konflikt ://

Pentagon sounds alarm over military ‘expansion’ of China… which only has one base abroad

China’s nuclear option of dumping US bonds would cause absolute chaos in global markets – expert

China will ‘embrace world’ even more, Xi promises as US trade war escalates

US is heading toward a looming maritime showdown… but not with Iran — RT Op-ed

... Yes, because when I think of the US invading Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, destroying Yemen, and threatening to go to war with Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea, I certainly picture a rules-based international system benefiting all countries. More notably, however, the act also heavily focuses on Washington’s relationship with Taiwan, supporting the transfer of “defense articles” to the self-ruled island.

US destroyer armed with missiles enters S. China Sea in challenge to Beijing’s territorial claims

China's other nuclear option in trade war with US – Rare earth materials

Kina skulle kunna stoppa sin försäljning av 'sällsynta jordartsmetaller' till USA, vilket skulle bli ett hårt slag mot elektronikindustrin i USA. Kina har en enormt dominerande ställning när det gäller utvinning av dessa metaller - som är nödvändiga beståndsdelar i mobiltelefoner, datorer, solpaneler, el-bilar m.m.

China ‘seriously considering’ restricting rare earth exports to US – Global Times chief

What are rare earth metals & why they are China's ‘nuclear option’ in trade war with US

Kina varnar studenter som vill studera i USA - Nyheter (Ekot) | Sveriges Radio

Kina varnar studenter som vill studera i USA

Trump threatens to expand tariffs on China by another $300 billion

US is heading toward a looming maritime showdown… but not with Iran — RT Op-ed

Beijing warns against ‘opening Pandora’s box’ in ME, slams US’ ‘extreme pressure’ on Iran

Russia & China agree to significantly boost trade in ruble and yuan at the expense of the US dollar

China rejects US ‘sanctions’ on Iran oil, vows to protects its energy security

‘Time will tell’: Trump not sure he is ready to stop China trade war, despite ‘excellent’ Xi meeting

FBI pushes US universities to spy on Chinese students & visitors

Amid trade dust-up, Apple plans to move Mac Pro manufacturing to China

China to send rover to Mars in 2020 to hunt for signs of life

China threatens sanctions against US companies selling weapons to Taiwan

‘Don’t play with fire’: Beijing warns US over Taiwan ... ---

... ‘Don’t play with fire’: Beijing warns US over Taiwan

... Hypocrisy at its finest: US wants to arm Taiwan while sounding alarm about China’s influence — RT Op-ed

Pentagon wants to secure supply of rare earths after Chinese threats to cut exports – report