USA riskerar relation med Pakistan

Not in interest of Pakistan's people': US resumes aid with $1.6bln deal

U.S. BRIBES the rulers of Pakistan, Egypt and other countries to follow U.S. orders instead of their own people's will.

Pakistani victims of US drone attack to appear before Congress, despite setbacks

The central point of the U.S. policy in Pakistan is that U.S wants the pakistanis to have fewer children by giving their women education about how to avoid pregnancy. Well, children being killed serves the same goal ...

More than 130 killed by Taliban in Pakistan army school seizure

Pakistan starts hanging militants in revenge for school massacre

The U.S. thinks too many children are born i the country and are there to inform about how to avoid that.

The U.S. is in the country to indirectly diminish population growth.

Typical scenario in countries allowing U.S. soldiers in to "help security".