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Acer ePresentation Management (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Acer_EPresentation_Management_44342/ is a useful utility which allows switching display mode between Notebook LCD Only and Notebook LCD + External Display. Two popular projection resolution options are available. Before making the presentation the notebook has to be connected to an external projector first and then Acer ePresentation Management should be launched from the Acer Empowering Technology. The two projection resolution options available are Projection : XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) or Projection: Normal (800 x 600 pixels) according to the external display device After clicking the option button, this utility will enable the external display device and set both notebook LCD and external display device to the specified resolution. If the restored resolution is not correct, adjust the resolution using Display Properties or the utility provided by the graphics vendor. Some projectors display resolution might not be supported by the Acer ePresentation Management. For these special projectors that are out of our supported range, please try to adjust your notebook display settings to solve this problem. After making the presentation After your presentation is completed, click the Notebook LCD Only button to disable the external display device and restore to original resolution. « less Review licensed from Publisher description Acer ePresentation Management offers you a quick and easy way of setting your notebook PC's resolution when using a projector or other external display device. Acer ePresentation Management has two common resolutions pre-defined. Selecting either one will set the monitor and external display resolution.

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