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Maybe the infection was transferred to the U.S. just to force forward the research to find a cure.

First US Ebola patient was in contact with school-aged children - Texas governor http://rt.com/usa/192284-ebola-us-home-antibiotics/

A cure agaiinst ebola can perhaps be produced from bats. Some bats has shown antibodies against some kind of ebola, according to english wikipedia article Ebola_virus_disease. "Antibodies against Zaire and Reston viruses have been found in fruit bats in Bangladesh"

= Ebola virus disease http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebola_virus_disease

2nd Dallas nurse with Ebola flew with 132 passengers day before showing symptoms http://rt.com/usa/196220-second-texas-nurse-ebola/

Ron Paul: Ebola panic is much more dangerous than the disease itself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sJNC6D49rw

US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn't be weaponized http://rt.com/news/197500-us-army-ebola-weapon/

= The United States has withheld assurances from Germany that the Ebola virus - among other related diseases - would not be weaponized in the event of Germany exporting it to the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.

Using biological warfare is a WAR CRIME.

USA has the integrity of a Used Car Salesman. You have to be on guard to protect your interests.

Fidel Castro offers cooperation with US in fight against Ebola http://rt.com/news/197184-fidel-castro-cuba-ebola/

= The Cuban team consists of 100 nurses, 50 doctors, three epidemiologists, three intensive care specialists, three infection control specialist nurses, and five social mobilization officers.

Kinda feel like Castro and Kadaffi are/were the good guys.

PressTV http://www.presstv.ir/

I read at presstv.ir that, going back to 1980’s, USA have been using West Africa as an offshore to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons and do bio-warfare work for the Pentagon in Sierra Leone, the heart of the current outbreak, as early as 1988, Liberia, a former colony of the USA, and Guinea, never became a parties to the Biological Weapons Convention, According to ClinicalTrials.gov, the US Government and Pharmaceutical corporations have been conducting Ebola tests on humans. It appears that the test consists of giving an Ebola vaccine and then exposing the unaware person to Ebola.

Going back to 1980’s, USA have been using West Africa as an offshore to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons, according to presstv.ir

Iranian "press TV" writes that former colonies of the USA at the center of the epidemic has not signed the convention against bio warfare, and that the U.S. military has been behind research there in decades.

Is the US government the master criminal of our time? http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/10/20/382993/ebola-developed-in-us-biowarfare-labs/

Well, in Hong Kong the U.S. runs just another destabilization project.

Some suspicions about conspiracies might turn out to be correct. Some conspiracies do exist in our world, and some of them have been revealed to be true.

How about the U.S. conspiracy theory about Saddam Hussein having certain weapons which he didn't have.

Bats might be suitable to grow the vaccine on, since some ebola antibodies has been found in bats. It is thought that bats spred ebola to begin with.

Donald Trump calls Obama ‘psycho’ over Ebola response http://rt.com/usa/197004-donald-trump-obama-psycho-ebola/

Make love, not war!!

Warsaw is preparing to ask the European Court of Human Rights to re-consider its ruling that Poland violated its human rights commitments by hosting a secret CIA jail on its soil, Reuters quoted the prosecutor general as saying on Tuesday. “A motion from Poland to the court on a review of this case before the Grand Chamber is being finalized,” according to Andrzej Seremet.

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