. . . http://www.cogninova.com
#z RECOVER ../links/wrap.php?u=recover.htm
File Scavenger Version 4 http://www.quetek.com/prod02.htm

Puran File Recovery http://www.puransoftware.com/File-Recovery.html

CDCheck http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/CDCheck_42137/ is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It offers readability verification, creation and checking of MD5, CRC-32, SHA... hashes (in file formats SFV, MD5 and CRC), extremly efficient file compare (faster than in most other programs) and recovery. CDCheck can be used on all files visible by the operating system. This means all files that you can see in Windows Explorer (CDs, DVDs, disk drives, floppy disks, ZIP drives, USB keys...). Apart from this it also works with audio CDs and provides information about inserted CD/DVD (manufacturer, media type...).

Reincubate Recover Files Home http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/reincubate-recover-files/

My recommendation goes to a free tool called “PURAN FILE RECOVERY”, which supports pretty much any kind of storage medium detected by Windows as a drive (Hard Disks, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, Mobile Phones, CDs, DVD etc…). As part of the award-winning FREE Puran Suite “Puran Utilities”, it turned out to be the only FREEWARE out there capable of recovering almost any files previously stored in an USB drive of mine, suddenly turning into RAW format due to a technical hardware failure. http://www.puransoftware.com/File-Recovery.html See also: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Back-Up-and-Recovery/Easy-Flash-Recovery.shtml and http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Hard-Disk-Utils/Fast-Flash-Recovery.shtml Have a nice weekend! Comment by Giovanni

Puran Utilities http://www.puransoftware.com/Puran-Utilities.html

= info http://www.puransoftware.com/Puran-Utilities.html

= Free for private and non-commercial use only

= download http://www.puransoftware.com/Puran-Utilities-Download.html

= exe http://www.puransoftware.com/PuranUtilitiesSetup.exe

recuva http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download/standard

iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery http://www.iskysoft.com/iphone-data-recovery/ Free recover accidentally iPhone/iPad/iPod touch deleted or lost files such as photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and calendars, even Safari bookmarks effortlessly.

The safest way to recover a deleted file: http://www.howtogeek.com/169344/how-to-recover-a-deleted-file-the-ultimate-guide/

office-recovery-wizard http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/office-recovery-wizard/

= I have used a freebie for years , uses recommended Microsoft algorithms to undelete and fix corrupted documents. http://word-recovery.en.softonic.com/

Recuva (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Recuva_Data_Recovery_43790/ is a free file Recovery program from the creators of CCleaner. It is capable of recovering lost or deleted files from local drives and external drives. And with an integrated wizard, users will be guided onto the whole recovery process with ease. The program’s interface is clean and simple, whether using the wizard or the advanced mode users will find it easy to search for deleted files even if removed permanently from the recycle bin. If using a modern processor the program’s search speed on normal mode is amazing. There also is a deep scan option which takes a closer, slower and deeper drive scan used in most cases to recover data even from formatted drives. It even has the capability of recovering damaged files; these are non deleted files which have disappeared as the result of crashes or other type of damage. Recuva offers additional options such as restoring the whole folder structure, exclude zero byte files, show hidden files during scan, and save any settings made for later use. Even though the program doesn’t include any custom filtering it’s one of the best free recovery programs available. « less ... Publisher description: Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card , or MP3 player. And it's free!

Boot Disks * (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Boot_Disks_677905/ is a bootable Windows LiveCD /DVD/USB/ Flash for system recovery purposes. Use Boot Disk to recover your lost data, reset Windows passwords, make computer system backups, and securely erase data and much more. It includes many tools to boot up a computer and fix most startup,PC configuration, and system management problems.

= Free Boot Disks IDE CDrom Drivers Included http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm DOS 5.0 | Mirror DOS 6.0 | Mirror DOS 6.21 | Mirror DOS 6.22 | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 95 Original | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 95 Version B | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 SE OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 SE Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows Me OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows Me Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 NTFS Bootdisks And Bootable CDs Bootable Utility CD With 68 Programs For Both DOS And Windows. Setup Any Computer With Windows 98 or XP. Fix Just About Every Problem. Click HERE Windows Boot Disks. 2000 And NT Setup Disk Sets W2K Pro: Disk1 | Mirror Disk2 | Mirror Disk3 | Mirror Disk4 | Mirror makeboot.exe | Mirror makebt32.exe| Mirror W2K: Server | Mirror W2K: Advanced Server | Mirror NT4: Workstation NT4: Server XP Quick Boot Diskette xpquick.zip | xpquick.exe | Read.1st DOCS: 1. Most of the files above are disk images. Download the file to your C: drive, put a fresh disk in your A: drive, then click on the file to create the bootdisk. 2. The W2K Pro disks are zipped images from the MS CD. Best bet is to download them, upzip them to a new folder where you also put makeboot.exe and makebt32.exe into and then run one of the makeboot utils depending on if you're in dos or windows to create the diskset. Or, one can use Winimage to just create a single bootdisk. 3. The Win9X OEM disks are Images of the Microsoft bootdisks that came with your OS. They put the utilities you need in a ramdrive, or virtual disk which is usually the next drive letter up from your hard drive partitions. Use my Custom disks for a faster, easier to use utility. Bootable Utility CD With 68 Programs For Both DOS And Windows. Setup Any Computer With Windows 98 or XP. Fix Just About Every Problem. Click HERE Bootdisks - PC Support - Essential Utilities Bootdisk.Com

mareew-disk-recovery-1-5 GOTD http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/mareew-disk-recovery-1-5/

= Installed and registered on a Win 8.1.3 Pro 64 bit system. A clean install. It’s recovery time! We had another tool from this company Mareew Media Recovery Pro 4.5 on October 11, 2014: http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/mareew-media-recovery-pro-2-47/ An US(?) company with address. “Mareew Company is the developer of hard disk and partition recovery tools and utilities. While offering the entire line of various disk and data recovery products, we concentrate on the ultimate goal of providing powerful yet usable products to our customers. “, too bad that there a spelling errors on the himepage. Not a good sign: http://i.imgur.com/Wdq4ppF.png The latest company news from March 2014. This software the latest updates from 26 June 2013… The software is an old version of the NTFS recovery from Diskinternals from mid 2012: http://i.imgur.com/INuk5PH.png The actual version from DiskInternals is version 5.5 http://www.diskinternals.com/ntfs-recovery/ I wrote in my last comment to this company: “Okay, this is a second hand shop, selling the old version from June 2012. Now I understand the welcome screen. It hides the identical DiskInternals interface. Nothing bad about second hand shops! If the price tag is lower, but it is the same price as the actual version 5.1 of Diskinternals.” Upon start a resizable window opens, the about copyright is from 2012. A wizard allows to the options step-by-step. But who should buy this old obsolete DiskInternals software? For the same price as the updated real tool? http://i.imgur.com/OngzZwH.png Compare both texts… DiskInternals: http://www.diskinternals.com/ntfs-recovery/ Uninstalled via reboot… Comment by Karl — April 7th, 2015

com tenorshare http://www.tenorshare.com/

Free Android Data Recovery http://www.aiseesoft.com/android-data-recovery/

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Android Data with Free Android Data Recovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxowjznXsoc

= HowToUse http://www.aiseesoft.com/thankyou/android-data-recovery-install.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=download&utm_campaign=install

= ThankYou http://www.aiseesoft.com/thankyou/android-data-recovery-install.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=download&utm_campaign=install

Aiseesoft FoneCopy 1.2.6 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/aiseesoft-fonecopy-1-2-6/

com aiseesoft http://www.aiseesoft.com/

= 20% OFF Coupon Code - AISEOHC

Thank You (Aiseesoft FoneCopy 1.2.6) http://www.aiseesoft.com/thankyou/fonecopy-install.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=download&utm_campaign=install

= http://www.aiseesoft.com/thankyou/fonecopy-register.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=download&utm_campaign=register

tenorshare whatsapp-recovery (GOTD) http://www.tenorshare.com/purchase/buy-whatsapp-recovery.html

tenorshare android-data-recovery http://www.tenorshare.com/products/android-data-recovery.html

buy tenorshare whatsapp-recovery http://www.tenorshare.com/purchase/buy-whatsapp-recovery.html

how-to-recover-android-data http://www.tenorshare.com/guide/how-to-recover-android-data.html

syncios-data-recovery-win-mac-1-0-2 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/syncios-data-recovery-win-mac-1-0-2/

MunSoft easy-digital-photo-recovery-3-0-2 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/easy-digital-photo-recovery-3-0-2/

November 2, 2014 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/easy-digital-photo-recovery-3-0/ April 21, 2014 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/easy-photo-recovery-3-0/ Easy Digital Photo Recovery April 23, 2013 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/easy-digital-photo-recovery/ This software is INCLUDED in: MunSoft Data Recovery Suite 2.0 January 10, 2015 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/munsoft-data-recovery-suite-3-0/ MunSoft Data Recovery Suite 2.0 January 15, 2014 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/munsoft-data-recovery-suite-20/

com tenorshare http://www.tenorshare.com/

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery 4.5.0 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/tenorshare-itunes-data-recovery-4-5-0/

Disk_Doctors_Linux_Data_Recovery (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Disk_Doctors_Linux_Data_Recovery_84835/

Disk Drill http://www.cleverfiles.com/disk-drill-windows.html

iskysoft data-recovery http://www.iskysoft.us/lp/data-recovery-mac/both.html?gclid=COjWw-CWv8cCFQH4cgodMs8DmQ

File Scavenger ... Recovery

File Scavenger File Recovery

Malwarebytes Antimalware

Recover Keys 9.0.3 http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/recover-keys-2/ Simple tool to recover installed major software products activation keys.

= homepage https://recover-keys.com/ $29.95

= demo https://recover-keys.com/download/gaotd/RecoverKeysInstaller_GAOTD_Promo.exe

How To Make Your Old, Slow Computer Like-New Again (it's easier than you think!) http://www.studylifestyle.com/2016/xtra-pc/1/?cid=32&utm_term=rt-rtcom&sxid=b8o5b1pkcclo

LikeNEWPC 2.3.0 https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/likenewpc-2/ automatically fixes Disabled, Infected and Slow Windows Computers!

... download trial http://www.pcpinpoint.com

Missing icons in some Modern UI apps http://forums.windowscentral.com/windows-8/342685-missing-icons-some-modern-ui-apps.html

recover keys https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/recover-keys-9-0-3-2/

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