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Russian embassies i Western Europe should start up shops that sell souveniers and other things (such as clothes) that can be used by ordinary people in Western Europe to signal sympathy with Russia - our protector against U.S.-zionist global-robbery. - In Sweden some people wear caps with the text NY, signalling that they are U.S.-zionists and consequently also likes the saudi-financed destruction of pro-palestinian Syria. Wearing NY-caps has become symbolicly equivalent with wearing the Star Of David. - So, where can I buy russian symbols in Sweden, to wear among people in the street?


NATO to promote ties with Ukraine, boost military presence in Eastern Europe http://rt.com/news/nato-increase-military-europe-245/ I.P.04.04.2014 04:17 NATO is not there to protect eastern european countries but there to attack Russia. NATO does not care about the wellbeing of eastern european countries. But eastern european countries have been misled to believe just that.

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At the moment I honestely believe that Wladimir Putin and the russian people are the last and best hope against a unipolar World, global govenment, global slavery and the new world order. May god bless the russian leaders with strenght and wisdom to prevent the third world war that the united states and their finantial criminal mafia are trying to initiate at all coast, and also to prevent the global government who will mean the end of the most human beings at this planet.

Putin: Talking to Russia from position of strength is meaningless http://rt.com/news/211383-putin-russia-deterrence-policy/

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Taste-of-Russia https://rtd.rt.com/films/taste-of-russia-series/

13 Russians indictment reveals odd ‘meddling’ efforts https://www.rt.com/news/419065-russian-indictment-odd-meddling/

Is it a coincident that this "revelation" of FBI's effiency comes so close after the day that FBI's ineffiency was prooved in connection with school shootings ?

So how much jew-israeli money has been bribed into US lawmakers' election campagns? How US lawmakers vote when it comes to Middle East foreign policy is closely followed by these zionist US election campaign sponsors.

‘Absurd’ meddling claims & indictment of Russians show new US policy – Russian FM spokesperson https://www.rt.com/news/419049-us-indictment-elections-russian-reaction/

Anybody who thinks that US was behind any of those from abroad sponsered organizations in Russia that have to register as "foreign agents" ?

What says US law about what punishment there is for a US citizen meddling in the presidential campagn in Russia?

Where is the international law that criminalizes people from other countries spreading their own opinions in front of a country's voting event?

‘We must respond to US tariffs, end sanctions on Russia’ – Austrian vice chancellor https://www.rt.com/news/428597-austria-strache-sanctions-tariffs/

EU should lift sanctions on Russia as a response to that US has put toll on steel from EU.

EU should start unwinding silly decisions made against Russia and foreign policy. Such as Skripals actions taken as a result of the false flag initiated by UK. Sanctions made re Ukraine that is hurting EU countries more than Russia. USA needs to be isolated more re the new tariffs and more trade with China, Russia and Iran. Stop supply of arms to Saudi for the slaughter of defenseless Yemenis and stop the murder of defenseless Palestinians by Israel. Get out of Syria and stop interfering in Middle East.

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