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You can now follow all the swedish hackerspaces at the same place http://tldr.hackerspace.se/ to see whats happend around on other spaces. Enjoy! Se även: http://www.tldr.hackerspace.se/ , som är bättre!

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Against the will of Turkey the kurds in Kobane should be supplied with modern weapons and the terrorist stamp on PKK should be lifted now!!!

0.016% of accounts: Twitter catches a few more 'Russian trolls' as Congress-spurred hunt continues https://www.rt.com/usa/416466-twitter-new-data-russian-election-interference/

‘Change your password!’ Twitter urges 330 million users after glitch https://www.rt.com/usa/425789-twitter-password-bug-exposed/

If NOT changing my password I will get the benefit of not have to take responibility for the content of future tweets from my account. - Such accounts should be considered equal to anonymous accounts.

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