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WhatsApp Messenger gets major privacy upgrade http://download.cnet.com/blog/download-blog/whatsapp-messenger-gets-major-privacy-upgrade/

WhatsApp finally arrives to Edge: now you can chat from Windows 10 http://features.en.softonic.com/whatsapp-finally-arrives-to-edge-now-you-can-chat-from-windows-10 ith the WhatsApp Web option, we can now chat on WhatsApp from our browsers. This feature has already been made available on Firefox, Chrome, opera and Safari, and has now (finally) reached Microsoft’s browser, Edge. This is certainly great news for all Windows 10 users that use Edge. Although the Microsoft browser has been somewhat controversial for various reasons (such as privacy issues), there are already many Windows 10 users that have adopted it as their primary internet browser. So how to use WhatsApp from Edge? In order to activate the chat app with your browser, you must do the following: 1. Go to this page. (WhatsApp official) 2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device and touch the web option in the main menu. 3. Tap on the cross in the top-right-hand side. 4. Your camera will open, scan the QR code that appears on your computer monitor. Now you can chat on WhatsApp from Edge! If you want more information, click here http://features.en.softonic.com/how-to-use-whatsapp-in-a-web-browser to read a more detailed article.

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